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Product: Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping

While stores generally have the same labels for clothing sizes—small, medium, and large—different stores' sizes can vary. Oftentimes, this can even be the case within the same store. This is very problematic for individuals who wish to shop online or in catalogs for the majority of their clothing. Because they cannot try on the clothing, they simply have to guess what size to purchase. If they purchase the wrong size, they have to return the item through the mail, which can be a hassle.  Additionally, when shopping in stores, it can be very time consuming to try on multiple pieces of clothing and then stand in line at the checkout counter. Also, most stores have a limit of how many articles of clothing can be tried on at once. An effective solution is necessary.

Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping is a virtual shopping tool for consumers to make shopping easy and more convenient. This innovative product allows individuals to fit clothes on a virtual image of themselves to get an exact fit before buying the item. Ideally, individuals can use this product when they are shopping online, when they are looking through a catalog, and when they are shopping in a store. By using this product, individuals can save themselves time and money by making sure an item fits before purchasing it and will not have to deal with the hassle of returning clothing items. Individuals will appreciate the convenience and practicality that this product affords.

Detailed Description Of Invention:
Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping enables individuals to virtually try on clothes before purchasing them. This unique product can comprise software that can build a virtual image of a person. Individuals can input their height, weight, and other distinguishing characteristics, and the program can project this information onto a virtual person. Individuals can then fit clothes onto their virtual image of themselves, depending on the sizes and dimensions of clothes offered by various stores. Individuals can decide whether or not to purchase the item based on how well it fits, how flattering it looks, and its particular style. Individuals can also adjust their virtual image based on weight fluctuations, pregnancies, and any other factors. The exact specifications, materials used, and method of use of Marketing Tool for Interactive Shopping may vary upon manufacturing.