About Us

We, at Virtual FitMe, are a team of young and passionate individuals who take business, fashion, and technology seriously. Our product is cutting-edge but our goal is simple. Our goal is to provide online users with the appropriate tools to shop conveniently just as they would in a brick and mortar store and
to help online retailers benefit from this new means of shopping.

At VirtualFit Me we continuously dedicate our time and effort into providing retailers and customers with a permanent solution for an obvious problem. Our solution is not only straightforward but easy to grasp by those who will join us to make a global difference.

Mission Statement:

The Virtual FitMe mission is to improve profitability for clothing retailers, while their customers enjoy fast, interactive, accurate, and convenient shopping for shoppers who purchase clothing online, on a worldwide sphere.

Meet Our Staff

The friendly staff at Virtual FitMe is here to serve you.

Kacey Ximines


Jay Lee

Research Analyst

Kelly Brown



John Veney

Advisor & Investor relations

Jamin Brown

Developer/ Engineer

Darlene Bharath

Executive Marketing Coordinator